Breathing Apparatus Training.

This week I have mostly been playing with air tanks and masks.  Take all the bits and bobs apart, put all the bits and bobs together and then use the bits and bobs to breath like Darth Vader. So, another good week!

Breathing apparatus training

Luke, I am your father

Yeah, I do look a little wild-eyed in there but it was air I was breathing honestly.

Apart from breathing heavily and pretending I was on my way to a disaster zone I also spent some time learning how to look after the emergency breathing kits out on base. So, dismantling  and then putting back together all the components of the breathing sets, right down to the tiniest of pins and o-rings, identifying any problems, replacing broken bits and general maintenance. Like a lot of things that might one day prove a bit useful- ie, save you life, it’s good to look after it.

I’ve been eating loads of the stuff that  I’m gonna miss too, so much so I’m getting a nice old belly coming on. So the gym at Halley will be getting some stick once I’m down there.