Some stuff i’ve been up to in the real world.

Hia everybody!

I’ve not posted anything on here since I got back because I wanted to leave it for antarcticky stuff rather than me just posting whatever rubbish pops into my head. Briefly though I’ve been wandering round the UK seeing sights, wildlife and generally living quite a tranquil life. I’ve been learning how to use my camera a bit better – in fact I wonder how I never discovered photography before.

Anyway as much as I try not to I occasionally waffle about my time south and yesterday I got to go on the radio again. Phoenix FM was the station I spoke to before I left almost two years ago and again i spoke to Sara, sharing some of my stories.


You can have a listen at the link above. I go on quite a bit and say the word amazing more times than I can remember.

In my defence though, Antarctica really was AMAZING!