I never thought this day would come – especially about eight months ago in the dead of the Antarctic winter, but I’m back in the UK after a last-minute decision to get twenty of us flown out of Halley. Reason for the last-minute rush was the struggle the Shack was having getting back in to Halley to pick us all up.

So as I type this I’m sat inside with the rain beating against the window on a gorgeous March day in Yorkshire.

It’s great to be back, great to see all the people I’ve missed but…

It’s just all a bit weird!  Still not quite got my head around being back in the real world – though I’m getting there.

I’ve still got a few more stories to post before I wrap up, including the trip home and some posts about the science that goes on at Halley – now that I’ve got the ability to make a post without it taking three days to upload!


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