Halley Highland Games

It was Burns night this weekend so despite the nearest thing to us that could be described as a mountain probably being an iceberg we organised a Highland games, with hammer throwing, tug of war and a bit of caber tossing. The sun stayed out all day too meaning my “highland attire”, consisting of a bed sheet and a vest, wasnt actually too cold. The Hammer throw was a bit disappointing – with my first throw ending up with me in a heap in the snow, though my next effort was slightly better though still off the lead. Tug of war went as well as can be expected when the surface you are trying to get purchase on is ice but I did manage to come first in the caber toss, make of that what you will.

halley highland games










halley highland games










halley highland games










halley highland games










halley highland games










halley highland games










Yup, that’s me in the dress.

Later on in the evening we had the Haggis address (given by two of the French speakers on base, which made for an interesting accent) and then, for some unknown reason, a night singing eighties power ballads very loudly!


3 thoughts on “Halley Highland Games

  1. Just stumbled across your blog by happy accident- have to say I LOVE seeing the Antarctic photos (one day!) and reading about your experiences- amazing! So, I just had to follow your blog from now & can’t wait to read more of your adventure :-). Cheers!

  2. Love your photos. Good to see that there are Burns’s at the South pole.

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