Domestic Bliss…..

When we’re not enduring hostile weather, climbing ice cliffs, trekking across a vast white wilderness and other polar hero stuff (and working too obviously) we find other, less taxing things to do in our spare time.

Monday nights are a highlight of the week for a few of us because that’s the night we get hold of a copy of Great British Bake Off. Sounds nuts but Halley can’t get enough of it. Anyway, this weekend Kev comms, Paul the genny mech and Doc James had a bash at some of last week’s European cake efforts. Swedish princess cake and the other layered one that I can’t remember the name of. Under the watchful eye of Gerrard the chef they created these amazing things! I reckon they were better than the ones on the telly!

great british bake off antarctica

great british bake off antarctica

great british bake off antarctica

Kev and Paul made the Princess cake and James (above) made the layered sugary architectural monster

great british bake off antarctica

great british bake off antarctica

great british bake off antarctica

How Good are they?!! Tasted great too, though I did kind of ruin myself a little bit by eating my recommended yearly amount of cake in about half an hour.

Now I haven’t done any of the baking but, adding to the creative vibes I’ve been knitting.









Yeah. That’s right. I’m showing off my knitting. Would have done more but we started to run out of wool. As well as knitting hats for four others I taught two more of the Halley crew how to knit. It just doesn’t get any crazier. I believe Black Sabbath used to do similar things on their tour bus.




5 thoughts on “Domestic Bliss…..

  1. Fabulous….Antarctic scientists are multi talented. Loved the cable knitted hat

  2. Nice..
    OT but not in the Media, I wonder why??

    Antarctic Sea Ice Area is still skyrocketing. (difference between Area/Extent here)

    Another day another 95,000 sq km. 570,000 sq km above the old record from 2007. 6th All-Time Record in a Row

    As I expected, Area hit a top yesterday and I feel it will not be making any more new all-time highs this year.
    How did I know, My ace up my sleeve is Solar activity.

    Minimum when it gets there, I feel could set a New All-Time high low since the ice Area is thick from want I saw on the latest visible satellite pictures. Very compacted..

    Extent may set a few more all-time records in the next week or so since solar and extent don’t really track each other like area..

  3. Love the hats ! Great work. How can I get one ?

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