People falling past my window.

No Photographs in that last post so here we go with a short post and some pictures from a while back.
On base we try to be ready for anything and everything, so training is a regular thing. We plan for many eventualities, amongst them are fuel and oil spill response – got to keep this wilderness pristine. Search and rescue, fire training with the breathing apparatus, alien-nazi invasion scenarios and emergency evacuation.
I forgot to take any pictures for most of them – during a lot I was struggling to drag on fire/oil/alien-nazi proof trousers but the emergency evac one was going on right outside my office window, after I’d done my escape. So we have some pictures of people hanging out of the A-module gym emergency escape hatch in a big yellow nappy.

emergency evac


emergency evac


emergency evac


emergency evac

still going, couldnt see the landing.

And a last picture. On Midwinters day I won the raffle for the base flag, so here it is when it was still doing it’s job:

Union Flag Halley base

In a few more weeks the Sun will rise once more and Silver the Mechanic, as the youngest member of our team, will hoist a new un up the pole.

Alien-Nazis. Whenever I used to look on YouTube back home getting info about this place there would always be videos claiming to show spaceships or pyramids or hidden Nazi bases down here in the ice. There was one sent to me by a friend a while back of The German station Neumayer “shrouded in a dome of light!” which was actually just some lights switching on and over-exposing the night cam. The comments were nuts – “German base invaded by aliens” being about the best, what with it being YouTube. Unfortunately though, it was the work of a light switch and not aliens, whether of the shape-shifting, human-eating, non-corporeal or sexy variety not a one of em has popped in for a brew. The kettle’s always on too. Seriously, I know I’ve not seen the whole place but there really doesn’t seem to be any of them alien nazis down here. Sorry to kill any alien-nazi dreams there, whatever an alien nazi dream is.

Always pays to be prepared though I suppose.

Aw man, had a google for a picture of Neumayer and the top youtube post is “NIBIRU seen from Antacrtcia”! and “strange things happening in the sky at German base”. If any of you folks with reasonable net speeds out there find any good Halley alien stuff I’d be interested in seeing it! Bloody Germans having all the fun.



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