Sorry for the lack of posts- bin busy!

As the title says apologies for the lack of blog action lately. It has been incredibly busy down here at Halley for a number of reasons. Firstly work has been pretty full on with tonnes of stuff to do around base. Sometimes it’s quiet, sometimes not – and right now it’s not so I’ve been grafting away like a good un. Then, there is the Race Across Antarctica that I’m glad to say is going well. Going well, but involving doing the equivalent of a marathon everyday for the last 3 weeks! Spending 4 hours in the gym or trotting around on the ice can get a bit exhausting to say the least but it seems to be paying off:

Race Across Antarctica

Race Across Antarctica

Team Halley are well in front as we reach the half way mark and I’m doing pretty good  individually too but there’s a long way to go.


T’other thing keeping me busy at the moment is winter gift making. The big celebration of the year at bases all over the continent is Midwinter, given that for most of us Christmas is too busy to really enjoy. One of the traditions is making a gift for someone chosen Secret Santa style. These are generally pretty impressive with a lot of work put in by people, so you can walk round base right now and hear people fettling, filing and sawing away. I’ll post more about this later but right now it’s secret!


Plenty of fun stuff gone on lately too with various training exercises and the sun buggering off so I’ll be back posting shortly with some nice pictures and writing and all that!


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