Race Across Antarctica

Race across Antarctica is a little competition that BAS is running, with teams from the bases and staff back in Cambridge competing. Over 10 weeks, teams of up to 6 people can attempt to cycle, run, walk, swim (yeah, we’ll not be doing much of that at Halley), ski or row along three different course: a 6,000km route across the continent from hope Bay to Cape Adare, a 12,000km “grand tour” route that takes in many of the research stations or a 2,840km route that follows Scott’s Terra Nova expedition from Cape Evans to the Pole and back again.

This year there are 26 teams and 140 people with 16 going for the 6,000km, 8 going for the 2,840 and 2 teams going for the full 12,000km. We, the hardcore boys at Halley, are going for the full monty and doing the 12,000. I’m the team captain and I’m hoping to lead Halley to a storming victory. To complete the distance in the 10 week time each team member needs to cover around 30k a day, a few days into the competition and we are flying with various team members racking up 70k a day. It’s a fairly gruelling schedule and time is now valuable, as we come up to mid-winter we are all trying to get our midwinter gifts made (more on that later), spend time on the race and do our actual jobs. Learning the guitar has taken a bit of a back seat for me amongst other things but it will be worth it when team Halley- the team name is actually “The Night’s Watch” (Yup, Game of Thrones reference – men, all alone in the icy wilderness) reigns victorious.


I’ll post some updates about our teams performance as we go.


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