More Night Sky Stuff

Few more pictures of night-time Halley. Perfect conditions for Aurora spotting are proving annoyingly rare. The Sun seems to be intent on going nuts only when we are shrouded in clouds. Get a good clear night and the Sun will be having a rest from making the sky turn purple and green. Also this week we have had a bright moon washing out the sky even when it is clear so it’s been difficult to take pictures of the stars. Still, managed to get a picture of a shooting star and some pics of the Magellenic clouds- our close galactic neighbours. Got a nice MoonDog too.

The shooting star is at the top of the picture of the base, it’s a bit rubbish but there should be a lot more in the sky from now on with the Lyrid meteor shower getting going. Lyrid Meteor Shower

shooting star over Halley

MoonDog antarctica

Magellenic Clouds Antarctica


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