Scott et Amundsen. Ollivier Roy

I get quite a few people getting in touch with me through this blog, some who have been South, some who want to and some who just want to say hello. Last week a French singer/songwriter got in touch who had written a song about Scott and Amundsens race to the pole. It’s nice when people send you pictures or music. This is especially nice when it’s something about Antarctic history.

The link to Olliviers site and his song is below. It’s a French site (which is also nice as I’m trying to learn French whilst I’m down here) so for those of you that don’t parlez francais you can listen to the song at the bottom of the page.

Ollivier Roy – Scott et Amundsen

I’ve passed the song around base and sent it along to other bases in Antarctica.

Cheers Ollivier!


One thought on “Scott et Amundsen. Ollivier Roy

  1. So glad this song have found its way to Antarctica. Thanks so much Anthony.

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