Some Unconnected Things…

Last night was another great first. Seeing the Milky Way from Antarctica, no pictures to wow anyone with – it wasn’t particularly clear, but I was stood outside staring at the sky till my head started to freeze and go numb. I saw a few satellites, an iridium flare and a shooting star. What with seeing those and the big white dusty belt of our galaxy splashed across the sky I went to bed feeling pretty chuffed. Can’t wait till we get a really crystal clear night – then I’ll be out with the camera, wrapping myself up like the Michelin man and laying on the floor face up.


Another unrelated but nonetheless important first was being able to watch the cinema classic that is Flash Gordon on the big screen. On a smaller scale than an IMax perhaps, but still impressive – though no-one else seemed to be as impressed by the work of Blessed, Dalton, Sydow and Queen (yeah and Sam whatever his name is too)  – but they just don’t see greatness like I do.

flash gordon


Third unconnected thingy. The crew of Halley showing our support for World Autism Awareness day, which is today, the 2nd of April.

Light it up Blue

You can find out more about the Light it up Blue Autism Awareness campaign here:


And last, but not least my photo wall is growing. More pics of friends and family, some nice green photos of home and a picture drawn by my nephew Jude. Cheers Jude!

Halley bedroom photo-wall

Halley bedroom photo-wall


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