Darkness! (Almost)

Again, excuse the out of kilter posting, I know this was over a week ago but couldn’t post it then! I’ll hopefully be able to post up a few things over the next week, some older some newer. Tonight (February 13th/14th) was the first sunset for around 3 months. Since arriving at Halley it’s been nothing but daylight, morning to midnight. We’re not talking dusky twilight here either. Full on bright burn your eyes daylight, all of the time. If you are on night duty or otherwise up in the early hours it doesn’t feel right that the sun is still up in the sky at 1 in the morning. Most people I’ve spoken to about my trip down here presume that the 3 months of darkness in winter will be the hard thing to cope with but I actually think the light is worse. I’ve not had too much trouble sleeping or anything but it all feels a bit wrong! I feel like I need a bit of darkness to separate the days. Which is why I was really looking forward to the sunset. Me, Robyn and Sophie stayed up till 1.45 and went up to the observation deck, wrapped up warm with our cameras at the ready to bring in the end of the summer sun. The sun, because of it’s really shallow angle of descent took what seem hours to finally dip below the horizon, with the last few minutes with the sun appearing like a line of flames in the distance, like an isolated grass fire out across the ice. When it finally disappeared it was only gone for a few minutes before beginning its steady rise back up into the Antarctic sky, it’s golden halo never actually disappearing and the light dimming only slightly. So, not exactly the darkness I’d been craving but a nice moment nevertheless. And a nice moment to share with friends too! We rounded off the evening with hot chocolate and kit-kats. Rock and roll!

me all exited

All excited for the Sunset






 Robyn and Sophie ready for Sunset

Me, Robyn and Sophie ready for sunset


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