An Antarctic Marathon. In a Month!!!!

So, before I left Yorkshire I let myself go a bit, no working out and eating butties like they were going out of fashion, I actually had a nice little belly going on.  I was sure I would get back in shape down here and had actually planned to do a marathon next year. As it happens I’ve decided to do it in February!  36, out of shape, bad knees and less than a month to prepare – this is one of those things when I think I’m too stupid to realise I shouldn’t do this at all.

One week into training and I’ve gone from gasping for air after 1km to doing 10km! Nothing like a bit of idiocy to motivate you I suppose.

Obviously people normally get sponsorship when doing a marathon but if you’d all like to give some money to a charity of your choice and keep your fingers crossed that I don’t die that would be cool!

Any training tips would be appreciated too.

Oh, and the pictures of the journey down are on the way, it’s a real nightmare uploading photos down here but I’m working on it I promise!


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