Wish I was home right now.

I’ve been at Halley for over a few weeks now and been trying to settle into my new home after what was a fairly busy relief period – unloading the ship with the sullies for the coming summer work season and the following winter. This week made me think again about just how far away I am from friends and family. My stepmum Brenda passed away. Brenda was a great woman who was always wanting to do things for you, in my case this was normally feeding me whenever I was at her and my dad’s house – I needed more meat on me was her diagnosis.  I won’t go on too long in this post but I would just like to say that I really miss home right now and really I wish I could be there for my Dad.  Brenda will be sorely missed, especially by my dad, who she made so happy.

I’m gutted that she’s gone and gutted for those she left behind, I really wish there was something I could do to make things better. As it is though, I’m thousands of miles away. It’s great to have a phone and the people on base have been great but it’s no substitute for being back home with family.

This post is really just to say that I miss and love you all, especially my dad, I’m so sorry for your loss.


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