I’m Away!

Well, I’m off to the ice and out in the Southern Ocean after a short stay in Capetown. Only a short post this one due to bandwidth constraints on the ship. Been at sea for three days now and although there is a bit of a swell at the moment there’s been nothing too unpleasant yet. Spent quite a bit of time on deck with my camera hunting for the whale shots I’ve promised. Seen a few at a distance but nothing I can post yet. Seen a few Albatross and various other seabirds with only one other vessel sighted since we lost sight of land. Could be a possibility of a bit rougher weather over the next few days and apparently the ice is causing problems for other ships further south than us with one stuck!

Hopefully the BAS team will have better luck and I’ll post a better update when I’m at Halley!

Love to all in Blighty.


3 thoughts on “I’m Away!

  1. Keep hunting for the whale photos… I’m waiting for them. X x x

  2. Hey great to hear the seas are smooth, both for your stomach and it also makes finding whales easier.
    Rainy dark and windy hear in Cambridge.

    Looking forward to hearing more about your trip! Say Hi to Mike, Sophie, Julian, Will and Octavian!

    John Isles

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