New Camera!!


Got my new digital SLR today. Now all I have to do is learn how to use it!

Bought myself a Nikon D5100 as part of a kit with lenses and other assorted goodies, though the only thing that makes sense to me at the moment is the tripod!

I got me one of these bad boys

I got me one of these bad boys!

I’ve downloaded umpteen hours of video tutorials and e-books on photography and I’ll have plenty of time to learn down south, I’ll also have the luxury of being somewhere where even the dodgy pictures will probably look good – can you really take a horrible picture of a penguin?

Even so, I’m keen to get cracking – I’ve got a flight over the length of Africa and a month-long sea voyage in the South Seas that might well turn up some good shots. Right now I’ve not really figured out much but hopefully I’ll be ready for any appearance of Dolphins, Whales and Ice Bergs on the way down, even if it’s on the basic settings – though I’m pretty much a run before I can walk sort of person so I’ll be wanting to get the auto off quick and start at least pretending I know what I’m doing!

I think I’ll be out buggering about with it before I go. Firstly to get some practice in and secondly to get plenty of pictures to take down with me. Pictures of my Neice and Nephews and pictures of Green stuff like the gorgeous Yorkshire Country side. So expect to see some amateurish photography fairly soon.

Oh yeah, I’ve got less than two weeks to go!!


3 thoughts on “New Camera!!

  1. Hooray for new cameras! I got a new one for my birthday. Don’t forget to take some good pics before you leave to show all those penguins! 😉

  2. Thanks Janelle, I getting some practice in right now. I’ll be getting pictures of penguins even if I have to dress up as one myself!

  3. Looking forward to all the photos.

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