The American Antarctic Programme Shutdown

As I said earlier in this blog, I think I’ve got my dream job. Excited doesn’t even come close.

The thought of that being snatched away from me because of politics would have me crying like a broken-hearted child. For those working for the American Antarctic Programme this is pretty much what a lot of the people will be feeling at the moment.  People who were probably just as excited as me to be going to Antarctica for the first time. They may have quit their jobs, sold or let-out their houses and packed up all they own ready to deploy.  A nightmare.

As shocking as that thought is to me though, it still doesn’t make me as angry as what is happening to the people actually down there and what is going to happen to the work that has been done. Science that has been going on for years, at great expense, science that has been making valuable discoveries about our world and how it works is now under real threat, and in some cases ruined.  Years of research flushed down the drain.  Peoples lives thrown into disarray for years with no clue as to what they will do now, watching what they have been working for destroyed.

A disgusting, completely unnecessary situation, damaging so much in the name of politics.

At a time when I’m looking forward to my journey I’m so gutted for the people who this is affecting.

There are some great pieces about the shutdown below.

The first is by Marie, a 2013 winterer at The Amundsen-Scott station at the Pole. Although she is leaving this year she is witnessing first hand the impact of the shutdown.


The other is by Genevieve who has been South for a number of seasons and is now at McMurdo.  She is directly affected by this mess and writes passionately about what’s going on.


I’ve been reading a lot about the people down there that this is affecting (and a bit about some who didn’t even make it out of the US) and it’s just all so messed up. I hope that for all caught up in this that it will only be a temporary blip, albeit a long one, and they’ll be back or beginning to do the work they love.


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