Fun in the Peak District

As well as running around with plastic buckets on our head we also went hiking on the moors, whilst learning how to use a map and compass correctly, and using the landscape around you to identify your own location, where you have been and where your destination is. To do this you need to work out the direction or bearing in which you are headed, the distance or time it will take you to get there and to take note of the features, both around you and on the map. We began quite easy and slowly built up to a 10km long trek over the moors, going from an area full of identifiable features to this:

Where am I?

Where am I?

Whilst the moors were pretty featureless I’d imagine the Brunt Ice Shelf will be a good bit worse!

Alan and Scot were great teachers once again and there were no missing persons, fatalities or injuries. Though we were a bit worn out at the end!

Then it was rope training. How to tie on to your harness, how to belay, abseil and how to jumar back up a rope. Finishing off with how to set up a 5 point pulley system for rescuing someone out of a crevasse. Whilst learning all this we also had chance to have a run around a high rope course full of obstacles.



Whilst everyone enjoyed the rope skills section of the course, and it was the thing I was most looking forward to, I learned a valuable lesson about having a correctly fitted harness and suffered a “gentleman’s injury” that took the shine off the whole thing!  Even that unfortunate incident couldnt spoil what was a great time in the peak district with my fellow Halley Winterers though.

halley 2014 winter staff

2014 Halley winter staff
minus 2


2 thoughts on “Fun in the Peak District

  1. Cheers for the Re-blog! Hopefully when I’m on the ice I’ll have seomthing a bit more exciting for you!

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