Training-Bucket Heads!

How do you train to locate teammates or a place of safety in a white-out? Well, you need some fairly complicated equipment and some great teachers.  Alan and Scot were the great teachers and the complicated bit of kit is below:

also known as a white bucket

White-out simulation device

It is vital to use the white-out simulator correctly to get best results. This involves turning the device 180 degrees and slowly lowering it down so the lip rests on ones shoulders. Put the bucket on your head!

Joking aside, trying to find your tent and your teammates when all you can see is your feet (and you can’t really hear anything in a blizzard) is actually very tricky! However, using ropes, a compass and logical thinking it can be done- which is good, because missing your tent when you can’t see anything and then wandering off could have serious consequences.


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