The Beginning. Girton College.

So, the first part of my employment at BAS was to attend a week-long conference at Girton College Cambridge. Here I would meet my fellow winterers at Halley, learn a little more about BAS, its history and its aims and to begin training for what is a pretty intense job.

I arrived at Girton in the frame of mind a five-year old boy might have on Christmas eve. Just a tiny little bit excited! I must also say that at this point I was still not entirely convinced that this was all real, and that it was actually some sort of elaborate joke. You know the saying- if it sounds too good to be true then it probably is? Well, this feels a little like this- go live in one of the most beautiful places in the world, somewhere most people will only ever see on a screen, and get paid for it. All a bit unreal! It still feels a bit unreal even now as I’m typing but I am at least convinced I’m heading south.

Girton Ollege

Girton College

Once I signed in and picked up my bag- which was a BAS satchel full of goodies and information about the week ahead and a name badge- which I immediately took a picture of and sent to friends (again, I’m still like a kid about all this!) Then off to the dining hall to see the faces. Our badges were different colours depending on which base you were going to and I quickly began scanning for the blue badges of Halley VI.  Quick chat with some of the people I was to spend the next 18 months with and then off to a few meetings with some more formal introductions and a drink in the bar. Everyone was excited and everyone I met seemed to be really friendly. Which is nice!


The picture of my badge that had me feeling well chuffed with myself.

Next post: Training begins!


2 thoughts on “The Beginning. Girton College.

  1. Good luck Anthony, I can’t wait to read the updates, what a fantastic opportunity and you deserve it, I know you’ll do a cracking job out there.

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